Contract Research And Manufacturing Services (CRAMS)

Vallark Pharma offers long term Contract Manufacturing services immediately fromstrategic partnerships in development, validations, Drug Master File (DMF) submission and commercialmanufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)/advanced intermediates toAPIs with a flexible business model.

Our technical expertise and infrastructure can deliver diverse Chemistry from the gram to kilogram scale, which enables us to partner with biotech and pharma companies throughout the life cycle of the product. Apart from routine organic chemical transformations, our chemistry abilitiesinclude but are not limited to:

• Multi-step synthesis with complete characterization of intermediates

• Heterocyclic chemistry

• Amino Acids and Amino Acid derivatives Synthesis

• Handling n-BuLi, LDA, and Grignard reagents

• Borane / Diborane chemistry

• Hydrogenations

• Lithium Aluminum Hydride (LAH), Sodium borohydride reductions

• Bromination (Br2/HBr)

• Chlorination (POCl3/PCl5/SOCl2/Cl2)

• Sodium metal/hydride/azide reactions

• Diazotization

• Chiral Chemistry

• Alkylation

• Cyclization

• Friedel-Craft reactions

• Oxidation / Reduction

• Sulfonation (ClSO3H, MeSO2Cl)

• Cryogenic reactions (–70°C)

• High vacuum distillations