Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

Typically, Medicinal Chemistry projects include 4 stages: 1) Design 2) Synthesis 3) Test and 4) Analyze. Our scientific team has expertise to handle diverse chemical structure classes, which may vary from heterocycles, amino acids, carbohydrates, secondary metabolites,alkaloids, terpenoids, and polyketides. We synthesize molecules to fulfill synthesis requirements for medicinal chemistry groups both in academia and industry.

Our services for medicinal chemistryinclude:

• Hit tolead optimization employing standard Structure Activity Relationship (SAR)studies

• Synthesis of librariesof compounds

• Synthesis of Reference Standards; Building Blocks; Analogues; Intermediates and specially designed Lead Molecules

• Synthesis of Biomarkers and Biological probes to study biological mechanisms

• Impurity profiling according to the customer’s requirement including structuralelucidation of unknown impurities