Vision, Mission & Values


Vallark Pharma aims to be a global partner in Life Sciences Research and Development.


To consistently provide reliable scientific services to our customers with speed and quality.


• Quality: quality is our utmost priority and we attain the quality in our services by assigning work to well-trained scientists who work in state of the art GMP laboratories as well as by providing analytical data and Certificates of Analysis (COA) for all the compounds we synthesize.

• Integrity: We strictly abide to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and other Confidentiality agreements with our customers.

• Customer Satisfaction: By speed and reliability in services.

• Continuous Innovation: We dedicate our time and efforts to complete projects on time; in addition, on customers’ requests, we also provide suggestions wherever appropriate for new findings or to improvise the project.

• Environment, Health and Safety measures are strictly followed at work.

• Work Culture: We believe in sharing knowledge for the regular training on safety, instrumentation, new technology, and current literature for our scientists’ career growth. We strictly follow Good Lab Practices (GLP) standards to encourage team work, safety and mutual respect.